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Aggreko Air Handler Dry Cooler Hire

The Aggreko dry cooler (FinFan) unit is a fluid/air heat exchanger to be used in closed- or semi-closed loop systems. The unit can be used as fluid cooler, bulk hot water heater and bulk chilled water air cooler.

The vertical coil configuration ensures extreme high unit capacity per footprint.

Airflow is horizontal, using 4 direct drive super-silent propeller type fans.

The unit is designed for heavy duty rental use and focused on flexibility in application, easy and quick installation.

  • Versatile Air Handler/Dry Cooler
  • Use as fluid cooler
  • Use as space heater (with hot water supply)
  • Use as air cooler (with cold water supply)
  • Rugged construction, fast installation and commissioning

The Aggreko dry cooler unit has been specifically designed for the rental market.

  • Strong galvanised frame
  • Fork lift pockets for ease of transport
  • Upright form factor for small footprint

The DC1150 is simple and quick to install and operate in all applications

  • 32 Amp 5 pin Ceeform connector
  • Standard 100mm (4”) Camlock fluid connections
  • Designed to ‘plug and play’ with all Aggreko
  • TC ancillary devices (hoses, pumps, manifolds etc.


  • Dry Cooler - Uses ambient air to cool fluid pumped through the coil - can be used to replace cooling towers in some conditions
  • Space Heater - Pump hot water through the coil
  • (up to 800C) to heat air flow
  • Air Cooler - Pump cold water through the coil (60C) to cool air flow.
  • Chill Store Cooler - Pump glycol mix through the coil (-20C) to chill air flow.

The Aggreko dry cooler is part of a complete range of temperature control equipment and ancillaries to satisfy all of your HVAC requirements – commercial and industrial. Equipment available includes
Fluid Pumps, Air Handlers, Cooling Towers, Heat Exchangers, Buffer Tanks, Generator Sets etc.

Key Data
Application Fluid cooler Bulk heater Bulk air cooler Chill store
Airflow M³/Hr 115000 115000 85000 85000
Capacity kW 400 1200 750 200
Water in/out C 45/40 80/60 6/12 -2/+1

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