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Industrial Air Conditioner Hire

Aggreko has unrivalled experience of providing temporary air conditioner solutions to industrial and commercial customers. Drawing on our global expertise and experience in the sector, we can assess your needs and help you select the most appropriate options.

Our air conditioner rental units provide temporary and contingency cooling services and have proved their value in an enormous range of locations and applications, including movie sets, major business conferences and industrial workplaces such as oil and gas and construction sites. We also support the maritime industry by, for example, providing comfort cooling during vessel maintenance operations in a port facility.

Why choose Aggreko?

  • 24/7 service
  • The largest equipment selection on the market: one solution and various applications for production processes from -40°C to +360°C
  • Accomplishments in all Cold Process sectors
  • Modern, maintained equipment featuring the latest technology
  • A high coefficient of performance (COP) / energy performance / energy efficiency - ratio of cooling power to energy consumption
  • Reduction in electricity consumption/chiller self-regulation
  • Remote monitoring and management of refrigeration and air conditioning facilities

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