Find warm air heating solutions for your requirements with Aggreko

Although there are many different ways to heat air, Aggreko can offer solutions for almost any heating application.   

Aggreko has a wide variety of temporary, custom-built electric heaters available. These specialised units:

  • Are completely fume, flame and moisture-free  
  • Are available with capacities from 18kW – 350kW with airflows to 25000m3/hr and temperatures to 65°C
  • Can be used for HVAC applications, as well as for industrial or construction applications wherever warm air is required.


18kW Electric Heater 40 kW Electric Heater 50 kW Electric Heater 65 kW IDF Heater
18 - 22 kW Heater 42 kW Heater 50 kW Heater 65 kW Heater
 125 kW IDF Heater 150 kW IDF Heater 185 kW IDF Heater 350 kW IDF Heater
 125 kW Heater 150 kW Heater 185 kW Heater 350 kW Heater

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125kW Heater