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Heat Exchanger Hire

Aggreko hires clean, tested and certified heat exchangers to mitigate the consequences of system failures or inefficiencies, or to allow processes to continue during plant service and maintenance.  

Our service:

  • Large fleet of Plate and Frame, Shell and Plate, and Shell and Tube exchangers range in size from 200 kW – 1500 kW
  • Can be rented stand-alone or as part of a bespoke solution
  • Capable of handling temperatures from -50oc to +300oc, volatile gases and liquids, high pressures (up to 40 barg) and hydrocarbons, sea water, effluent and brine
  • Certified cleaning and pressure testing procedures completed prior to each project 
  • Bespoke exchangers can be procured to meet specific project requirements
  • Our wide range of ancillaries allow connection to any system design

Our expert team:

  • Our experienced engineers will design and size the application to provide a cost-effective solution.
  • We manage the complete project - from specification, through to delivery, commissioning, maintenance and removal. 
  • We cover a wide range of applications across many industries, including refineries, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage and manufacturing.

Find out how can we help you:

  • Keep operations online during exchanger cleaning and testing
  • Stay up and running if your heat exchanger fails
  • Maximise production with supplementary heat exchanger capacity
  • Keep costs down and avoid capital expenditure by adding capacity only when needed
  • Help operations stay efficient, and keep procurement and maintenance costs down
  • Create a contingency plan to avoid downtime should an emergency occur