Support During HCFC Phase-Out

Support During HCFC Phase-Out

Do you have a plan in place for the HCFC (R22) phase-out? You may have already looked at options of how you can replace or modify your chilling equipment. But whether you are planning to purchase a new chilling system or modify your existing equipment, the disruption to your operation is likely to be significant.

Aggreko specialises in contingency planning for chilling applications. Our engineers and technicians are cooling experts who will work with your to design a temporary chilling package to maintain your operations during the R22 phase out.

Helping you with your phase-out strategy

We can provide temporary cooling solutions to meet your industrial refrigeration or air conditioning needs down as low as -40C. Our wide range of temperature control solutions is unrivalled in the rental industry, delivering the peace of mind that the right equipment is available when you require it.

Aggreko's contingency planning service is designed to help you through your phase-out strategy:

Stage 1: Assess the risk -

 Our service engineers will conduct a free site survey with you to evaluate the business risk and discuss temporary replacement of cooling equipment containing HCFC's.

Stage 2: Prioritise -

We will identify the most business critical systems and develop a bespoke contingency plan for their temporary replacement to ensure minimal downtime in the event of a failure.

Stage 3: Determine your phase-out solution -

Your HCFC equipment phase-out solution is likely to fall within one of the following options:

  • Replace equipment:

With the pending deadline there will be great demand on the manufacturers to produce equipment containing HFCs, hydrocarbons, ammonia or carbon dioxide and there may be long lead times for delivery. Aggreko's contingency planning service will ensure peace of mind that in the event of plant failure during this time our temporary cooling equipment will maintain business continuity. The same equipment can be used while your new equipment is installed and commissioned.

  • Convert equipment:

 Converted equipment utilising 'service' or 'dropin' HFC refrigerants or a standard HFC refrigerant may have less cooling capacity and / or be less efficient than the original system. During high ambient temperatures or increased demand, Aggreko can provide supplementary cooling to meet the required cooling capacity

  • Leave as is:

This option is only applicable if the system represents no business critical risk. However the option to 'leave as is' presents a high risk to the business as leaks are unpredictable both in frequency and scale. Aggreko's contingency planning service will ensure peace of mind. In the event of plant failure our temporary cooling equipment will maintain business continuity until the equipment is repaired or replaced.

 Legal requirements:

From the 1st of January 2015 it will be illegal to use any HCFCs to service RAC equipment. R22 remains one of the most commonly used 'transitional' HCFC refrigerants in Europe, so many organisations will be affected by the ban. Sectors at the greatest risk include the food and beverage industry, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, health, retail, hospitals, finance and data processing.

It is permissible to carry on using equipment that contains HCFCs beyond 1st January 2015, but there must be no maintenance or servicing undertaken on equipment that involves breaking into the refrigerant circuit.

[Source: The EU Ozone Regulation (EC/1005/2009)]

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