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Temporary Cooling Tower Hire

When a cooling tower breaks down or exceeds its capacity due to a short-term problem, Aggreko can provide rapid support.  Our experience and ability, together with extensive fleet of temporary modular cooling towers, ensures we can help you deal with emergencies, maximize production and maintain smooth operation in very hot weather or at times of peak demand.

Our industrial cooling tower rental services can help you to:

  • Maintain production during repair or maintenance of a cooling tower
  • Maximize your production during the hot summer months or during periods of high demand
  • Reduce costly downtimes following a disaster or breakdown
  • Meet or exceed environmental and safety standards for evaporative cooling towers
  • Benefit from an economical cooling solution, which makes energy savings possible versus mechanical refrigeration


Temporary cooling tower applications

Environmental compliance

Plants which are reliant on cooling water from rivers, lakes or oceans can be affected by water levels, ambient temperatures, regulations and temperature-sensitive microorganisms. Aggreko finds solutions to these problems by totally or partially cooling the water from the plant, in order to allow you to meet your production demands, while remaining within authorized process limits.

Increased production

A plant's productivity can suffer if you have a limited capacity of permanent cooling towers. Aggreko's temporary cooling towers can be used alongside your own, in order to increase capacity to maintain production at its peak.  This solution alleviates challenges with seasonal demand, avoiding capital investment.

Emergency replacement of cooling towers

Temporary cooling towers may be required in the event of break-downs, or interruptions in operation.  Aggreko can respond quickly to ensure minimum downtime.  In addition we can work with you to develop disaster recovery plans, creating a customized intervention plan that covers quantities, delivery lead time, preparations for installation, commissioning and operation and, of course, cost.

Insulation of a particular group of heat exchangers

When an individual heat exchanger or a group of heat exchangers is limited by temperature and water flow, temporary cooling towers can provide cold water to guarantee optimum performance. Aggreko can insulate the existing elements and complement them with temporary cooling towers, so that cold water is no longer an issue.

Commercial facilities

Many offices, hospitals and schools rely on cooling towers to provide cooling for comfort. If a tower breaks down during the summer heat, conditions can quickly deteriorate. Aggreko can provide both cooling towers and chillers to cool buildings, while the permanent cooling towers are repaired or replaced.

Long-term use

Whether you are constrained by capital budgets or would like to outsource the maintenance necessary for ensuring that cooling towers operate properly during peak levels, Aggreko can offer a long-term solution for your cooling needs.


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