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Temperature Control Hire Specialists

Effective temperature control can result in longer life for your operating equipment, higher productivity, and less downtime.  Aggreko has temperature control hire solutions to support with planned maintenance and emergency projects across a wide range of sectors.

Our dedicated team of specialists will work with you to deliver turn-key heating and cooling hire solutions, from specification, through to delivery, commissioning, maintenance and removal. 

Expertise across a range of sectors

From dense air injection to chilled food storage to movie special effects, Aggreko offers customised temperature and environmental control solutions for virtually any situation.  

Process cooling and chilling

  • Aggreko's modular cooling towers can provide high-volume water and wastewater chilling services, from 2500 kW to multi-megawatt cooling capacity.  Whilst our range of chillers, very low temperature chillers and heat exchangers can provide fluid off temperatures down to -40C for a range of process cooling and chilling applications. 
  • We can provide supplementary cooling to help manufacturers meet increased production demands, support with emergency equipment failures, or assist during periods of service and maintenance to ensure ongoing productivity.
  • In addition Aggreko is experienced at providing temporary cold or chilled storage solutions.

HVAC support solutions

  • Our wide of range of air handlers, chillers and direct expansion air conditioners allows us to deliver temporary HVAC services that meet the direct needs of your business.  Whether its supplementing existing systems during periods of high ambient temperatures, or during increased cooling demand.

Heating and drying

  • For heating and drying applications, our range of electric and indirect-fired heaters and dehumidifiers can support many applications.  From drying out flood damaged buildings, to keeping construction projects on track by reducing drying times of concrete, insulation, flooring, painting and fireproofing - we can help.
  • In addition our dehumidification hire services can control moisture, condensation and humidity levels to prevent serious problems such as mould, oxidation, and deteriorated structures and assets.

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