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Dehumidifier Hire

Dried, filtered, pressurised air can serve many useful functions at manufacturing sites, construction projects or for other industrial applications. Aggreko meets these needs with regenerative, desiccant-based dryers as well as refrigerative units.

Desiccant-based Dryers

Our desiccant based dryers have capacities up to 10,000 m3/hr. The units come equipped with mounted particulate and oil-removal prefilters, automatic condensate drains and an afterfilter that cleans outlet air down to .01 micron.

Aggreko’s moisture control desiccant dehumidifiers are the ideal solution for use on products and machinery susceptible to condensation damage.

Typical applications include ‘drying out’ on construction projects e.g. concrete, plaster, wood, mineral tiles and any other hygroscopic materials.

The rapid drying capability of desiccant technology allows cost effective water removal throughout a wide range of temperatures. In cold weather a desiccant dehumidifier can remove far more moisture than a comparable fridge dryer.

At temperatures below +5C the fridge dryer will cease to be effective whereas the desiccant machine continues to dehumidify.

High airflow design and good air pressure allow for quick air change rates. Dew points well below 0C can be achieved. The dehumidifiers are successful when sited inside or outside the application and environments can be controlled with energy saving remote humidistats.

All units are fully portable and easy to operate, making them ideal for emergencies such as flood damage where the KT1600 can fit through a standard doorway.

Aggreko’s basic design philosophy is to equip these units with all the necessary instrumentation and ancillary operations. Aggreko dryers can be matched with air compressors and after-coolers, together or separately, to provide a total solution to your needs.

The Aggreko desiccant dehumidifier is an all year round unit. It is discreet (One unit can dry out very large areas.) This type of unit does not require background heat for it to work. If site access is tight then all units can be sited outside. By using flexible duct, the air can then be directed into area as and where, required.

Other advantages are:

  • No buckets or containers to empty
  • Can be sited inside or outside of building etc
  • Can produce very low humidity
  • Provides air @ below 0C dew point
  • Can be fitted with remote humidistats
  • Low maintenance trouble free running
  • Built in heater controllers helping save energy

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