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Industrial Dehumidifier Hire

Aggreko's regenerative, desiccant-based dehumidifiers provide dried, filtered, pressurised air that serves many useful functions at manufacturing sites, on construction projects or for other industrial applications.

Dehumidifiers for all commercial applications

Our heavy-duty dehumidifiers can be hired for use on assets, facilities, products or machinery susceptible to condensation and moisture damage.  Our rental solutions are ideal temporary solutions for controlling moisture and ensuring critical temperatures are maintained.

The rapid drying capability of desiccant technology allows cost-effective water removal across a wide range of temperatures. Our industrial dehumidifiers have airflow capacities up to 7000 m3/hr, with one unit capable of drying out very large areas. 

Features and benefits

  • High airflow design and good air pressure allow for quick air change rates.
  • Provides air well below 0C dew point.
  • If site access is tight all units can be sited outside and flexible ducting can be used to direct the air to the area required.
  • Units can be fitted with remote humidistats for energy-saving capabilities.
  • Fully portable and easy to operate units, making them ideal for emergencies, such as flood damage.
  • Does not require background heat to work.
  • Low maintenance, trouble-free running.
  • No buckets or containers to empty.

Aggreko Dehumidifiers providing drying solution to industry

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