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How to keep vessels in peak condition when laid up in dock


A leading seabed-to-surface engineering, construction and services contractor had four of its survey ships laid-up in Leith Docks due to the downturn in the oil and gas sector.

These vessels were susceptible to corrosion, condensation and freezing, caused by unwanted moisture and salt from the coastal conditions. Air conditioning was also required for the media centre.

Aggreko was asked come up with a temperature control package to help maintain the humidity and temperature of vital areas of the vessels. This was to preserve critical assets and sensitive technical equipment on-board, ready for speedy reactivation when required.

Aggreko's solution

The four vessels were surveyed by Aggreko’s temperature control engineers, who took time to understand the critical areas that needed sensitive climate control. 

In total we installed four heat pump chillers to provide both hot and cold air, dependent on the ambient temperature. As heat pump chillers have the flexibility to both heat and cool, we could ensure a stable temperature within the vessels regardless of the changing seasonal temperatures.

We installed 12 desiccant dehumidifiers, to produce  conditioned, dry air with a constant humidity of around 50% RH on board the ships, as well as 1 MW of temporary power generation on the docks to power them.

The equipment was also monitored using Aggreko’s proprietory Remote Monitoring technology to diagnose and correct any potential issues.

Fuel management also ensured continuity of performance. 


Using Aggreko’s flexible temperature control package, the refinery was able to solve their production bottleneck throughout the year, as the ambient temperature changed. As such, our customer was able to keep to their production schedules and improve the quantity and quality of the products being refined.

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