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Back-up power for train station maintenance project


A major Scottish train station needed to carry out essential maintenance work on a transformer so Aggreko was asked to provide standby power generation equipment.

With one transformer offline, back-up power was required in case  another should fail, to ensure the station’s lights could be kept on and trains kept running.

Aggreko's solution

Aggreko installed two 1250 kVA container generators: one to power the station if needed, and the other to pick up the load, should the first encounter any issues.  They were linked to an automatic control panel so they could automatically switch from one to the other as required. This solution ensured a continuous power supply if and when the station needed it.

The Aggreko team faced two big logistical challenges when installing this project. Firstly the site was in the middle of a busy high street with heavy traffic throughout the day, which the delivery could severely disrupt. To overcome this, Aggreko chose to install at 4am and worked with the council to close roads so the containers could be manoeuvred into the station entrance.

Secondly, the two 20 foot container generators needed to be housed in a confined space in a small basement under the station. The team was therefore unable to use standard lorries to deliver and drop the generators. Instead, specialist trailers were procured by Aggreko’s logistics team to mount the containers on so they could be reversed through the entrance and into the confined space.

Due to ceiling height restrictions, we removed the exhaust stacks from the generator containers and installed bespoke ducting to vent the fumes out of the basement.

Why was Aggreko chosen?

The Aggreko team was chosen for their ability to find practical answers to a logistically-challenging project.  Having worked with Aggreko previously, the customer had the confidence that Aggreko could deliver a reliable solution with a quick turn-around and ensure business continuity whilst their maintenance programme was underway.

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