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Complex chiller package creates temporary ice rink in sports arena


Bandy is the second most popular winter sport (after ice hockey) in Sweden.  And like ice hockey, the sport also has teams of 11 skaters, trying to score into the opposing team's goal using sticks.

When Tele2 Arena - a multi-purpose stadium in Stockholm - hosted the national Swedish Bandy Final, it needed to create a temporary bandy ice rink (approx the size of a football pitch). 

Temperatures needed to get down to -16°C, so Aggreko suggested a low temperature chiller solution. The area was 100m by 60m, so the rink was one of the largest the Aggreko team had ever worked with.

Aggreko's solution

Time was of the essence, as Tele2 Arena had events booked before and after the bandy finals, so there was no time to lose.  We had just 72 hours to install our equipment, then get the temperature right down and test it in time for the match.  

Temperatures had to consistently hit -16°C, which is no easy task over such a vast area.  We installed six 800 kW chillers, two 400 kW chillers and two 350 kW very low temperature chillers. We also laid more than 2km of hose  to link our equipment to the stadium and the ice rink’s infrastructure.

Our technicians modified our chillers to increase their cooling capacity beyond their usual -12°C fluid off temperature and ensure the constant low temperature needed. 

Our team then kept watch on our equipment on-site, round the clock, to keep the ice in optimum condition. The event was televised live on SVT2, so it was critical to provide reliable and stable cooling.

As Tele2 Arena is near a residential area, we had to keep the noise down too.  So we used sound-proofing panels to keep equipment noise to a minimum. 

These panels created a high ambient temperature of about 40°C round the chillers, but despite this we still hit our temperature targets and created outstanding icy conditions.


It's a question of teamwork - us, working alongside the ice rink installer and Tele2 Arena’s facilities management company - SGA Fastigheter AB - to design a chiller package that meets its goals.

The ice rink remained in excellent condition, allowing for an exciting Swedish bandy final enjoyed by rink-side and TV spectators alike.

And Edsbyns IF beat Bollnäs GoIF 3-1 by the way - in case you’re wondering.

"The Aggreko team provided a great level of expertise and gave us peace of mind that they could design and install a comprehensive, complex chiller package.  They also succeeded in reducing noise levels to meet stringent environmental standards, something that we had not managed to do in previous years - which was an added bonus for us".  

Conny Håkansson, Head of Real Estate Operations, SGA Fastigheter AB

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