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Aggreko's heating and cooling scheme optimises chemical site's productivity


A contract manufacturer of high quality fine chemicals required Aggreko's assistance to tightly control the temperature of their glycol system being used on a batch process.

When the site's heating and refrigeration plant failed, it was unable to maintain the constant glycol temperature of 17°C needed to deliver the reaction temperature for producing the chemicals in the vessel. As the  chemicals could no longer be produced to the quality required, production had to cease until a solution could be found. Due to the current plant being obsolete, replacement parts could not be sourced and new equipment was required (with a long lead-time).

Aggreko's solution

One of Aggreko's specialist temperature control engineers surveyed the site and devised a cost-effective rental solution to deliver a consistent glycol temperature of 17°C.

A 100 kW heat-pump chiller was installed that could provide both heating and cooling. Working in conjunction with one of Aggreko's 3-way valve skids, the heat-pump chiller was able to switch between heating and cooling to maintain the customer's desired glycol temperature.

This was connected to a 200 kW brazed plate heat exchanger allowing the customer's and Aggreko's glycol systems to remain separate. The 3-way valve with a specially-written thermostatic programme was used to constantly measure the temperature of the customer's glycol on the outgoing side of the heat exchanger by sending signals to the heat-pump chiller and automatically switching between heating and cooling as required. This, coupled with the 3-way valve's control mechanism, provided tight control and ensured the desired consistent temperature to +/- 0.3 degrees.    

Using a flexible heat-pump chiller removed the need for both chillers and boilers to be installed on the project. Consequently this improved the cost-effectiveness of the scheme and reduced its footprint.

The scheme allowed the customer to maximise the productivity of their process while their heating and cooling plant was replaced. 

Why was Aggreko chosen?

The customer chose Aggreko as we offered a fast, flexible and cost-effective solution to a production-critical problem. 

Using rental equipment allowed the customer to solve their immediate temperature control issues and ensure optimum productivity while the incumbent equipment was repaired. 

The current scheme can be reprogrammed in the future without the need to change the equipment and can operate within the temperature requirements of the next batch process.