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Aggreko supplies fail-safe power to data centre


When a data centre service provider needed to disconnect its mains and primary back-up power supply during essential electrical testing, it called upon Aggreko for continuous, uninterruptible power.

The data centre needed to conduct a mandatory Electrical Installation Condition Report (fixed wiring test) and asked Aggreko to not only design a zero-risk power package to keep the site up and running, but also to manage the fixed wiring test project.

As the site manages IT services for some of Europe's biggest brands, it was critical that the power solution and wiring testing did not disrupt its day-to-day operation.

Aggreko's solution

Our power experts designed a triple-secure power scheme. This included two synchronised 800 kVA generators running at part load that could each support the full power load if the other should fail. The generators were fed into an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) of 800 kVA to provide a third point of secure back-up.

We set up our kit for a 24 hour period, giving us enough time to rigorously test our generators and the UPS prior to switching off the existing power. The fixed wiring testing was then undertaken over eight hours via our specialist partner HPES Technical Solutions. Once complete, we resumed the mains power supply, disconnected our equipment and swiftly removed it to allow business as usual as quickly as possible.

The whole project took place over the weekend to minimise disruption and make use of the staff car park to house the containerised generators and UPS unit. We trailer-mounted the equipment to permit quick and speedy access to and from the site. Our project manager and power specialist were on site throughout the 24 hour period to continuously monitor progress. 

Why was Aggreko chosen?

The customer chose Aggreko as we could save it time and hassle by providing both the fixed wiring testing and the back-up power solution in a 24 hour period.

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