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Off-grid rotational commissioning keeps wind farm project on track


An onshore wind farm developer turned to Aggreko when faced with the risk of commissioning delays, due to a delay with their mains grid connection.

The construction of the 60 MW wind farm was nearing completion and the turbine erection was due to start.  Power, normally supplied from the grid, was soon to be required to carry out commissioning and keep the turbines healthy to preserve their manufacturer's warranty.  Without a grid connection for high voltage power, the project faced severe delays.

Aggreko's solution

Aggreko worked with the developer and their consultants to supply and install a complete 33 kV high voltage (HV) power generation and loadbank package. This simulated a grid connection to allow the 20 turbine wind farm to be run and tested under all types of load conditions. 

The generators and loadbanks were connected at the wind farm's main substation so that the whole HV network was powered up.

This centralised solution enabled full rotational commissioning to be carried out on multiple turbines simultaneously, including gearbox run-ins. This made commissioning much faster than testing each turbine individually.

Power provided by the Aggreko generators ensured that all the turbines' ancillary systems, including heaters, dehumidifiers and hydraulics, were continuously run to keep the turbines healthy, thereby preserving the manufacturer's warranty.
The HV package also meant that HV switchgear, transformers and all other HV components could be tested.

Aggreko's remote monitoring service provided 24/7 real-time asset monitoring and dedicated diagnostic support by technical experts.

Aggreko's off-gird solution meant commissioning took place on-schedule, ensuring the turbine manufacturer's commissioning engineers remained on-site, to help keep the project moving.

By using a temporary power supply, the wind farm developer was able to overcome a grid connection delay and enable on-time commissioning, resulting in accelerated export of power to the grid. This ensured revenue from power export could be earned as soon as grid connection was made and tight accreditation deadlines for Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROC) could be met before closure of the scheme.

Why was Aggreko chosen?

The Aggreko renewables team has developed proactive relationships with turbine manufacturers, developers and consultants across the renewables industry.

Aggreko has a track record of delivering rotational commissioning solutions in North America and Continental Europe and the UK team built on this experience.

From an early stage Aggreko's HV engineering team were involved in the project to ensure a safe and effective solution.

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Onshore wind farm commissioning   

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