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From carpark to global fashion spectacle - flexible temperature control solutions


The British Fashion Council (BFC) promotes British designers to a global audience, including press and buyers. 

London Fashion Week (LFW) is its biannual showcase of womenswear that occurs every February and September.

In 2015 Aggreko was appointed the official supplier of power generation, electrical distribution and cooling solutions for LFW.  This required the team to provide power and temperature control solutions predominantly for Brewer Street multi-storey carpark in Soho.

As part of this project, Aggreko had three key challenges to overcome:

  • Temperature variances due to the event taking place in both summer and winter
  • Site logistics due to the city centre location
  • Limited space for equipment at the multi-storey carpark location

Aggreko's solution

Aggreko was required to deliver a temperature control solution that could keep models, media and VIPs cool in a confined space where there was a great deal of lighting and equipment.

As LFW is held during two different seasons, Aggreko installed a flexible temperature control solution that could be adapted for the variances in summer and winter weather conditions.

In early September the ambient temperature was on average 20ºC. To ensure sufficient cooling, Aggreko provided air-cooled chillers located outside the carpark, with a combination of air handlers, bespoke ducting and fan coil units discreetly installed inside to blend-in with the designer décor.

In February the temperatures were much lower but there was still uncertainty around the ambient.  Therefore, a flexible solution was needed that could either cool or heat the space as required.

The chillers were consequently replaced with heat pump chillers to provide the ultimate flexibility to both heat and cool the production spaces.

The heat pump chillers removed the need for chillers and boilers, providing a compact, space-saving solution that worked within the limited footprint of the multi-storey carpark.

Aggreko's final challenge was to overcome the logistical issue of the carpark being located in the centre of London. This meant there was a strict delivery timetable in place for contractors, to keep congestion to a minimum.

Aggreko therefore had to plan their deliveries, installation, loading and unloading around this schedule in order to ensure the smooth running of the operation. 

Aggreko also used sound-proofing equipment to help keep noise from the equipment to a minimum, to ensure council noise regulations were met. 

Why was Aggreko chosen?

LFW was another example of Aggreko's capability to provide turnkey power and temperature control solutions at world-class events.

Overall Aggreko provided 1.4MW of redundancy power, combined with 1MW of temperature control solutions.

Prime power and temperature control solutions were delivered for the showspace catwalk, dressing areas, relaxation lounge, exhibition space, media lounge and reception areas across three floors.

Aggreko helped turn an empty carpark into a production space for a major international fashion event. Equipment was kept out-of-sight and discreet, whilst the team worked hard behind the scenes to help deliver a world-class event.

Alex Woodfield, Senior Events Manager, British Fashion Council

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