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Load Test for Major Gas Turbine Manufacturer


After securing the order to supply 3 gas turbines for a new gas production platform, a major turbine manufacturer contacted Aggreko for a load test solution. Each turbine rated at 27 MW with a voltage of
11 kV 60 Hz and a power factor of 0.9. This power is equivalent to supplying a small town of approximately 9,000 homes.

Aggreko's solution

Aggreko’s Loadbank rental solution gave the customer the ability to supply load from 0 to 100% in order to check various turbine parameters such as vibration, temperatures, fuel consumption and performance of ventilation.

Why was Aggreko chosen?

Aggreko’s turnkey package gave the customer confidence that their equipment would function properly. In addition, the load bank test possibly prevented an expensive turbine failure after its installation of the gas platform at the seabed. Aggreko’s solution alleviated our customer’s concern over equipment efficiency allowing them to concentrate on other aspects of their project.

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