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Underfloor heating and drying package accelerates construction of care hub


Haven Court is a care hub built in the grounds of South Tyneside District Hospital, in South Shields. 

When the contractor, Robertson Construction, required temporary heating to speed up the internal dry-out phase of the building, they turned to Aggreko for an answer.

Our team soon found an innovative and cost-effective way to deliver the heating requirements for the site, while also assisting with the on-site commissioning of the building’s own heating system. 

Aggreko's solution

Initially Aggreko installed IDF heaters to speed up the internal dry-out phase of the buildings. A few weeks later, we carried out a further site visit and identified that the building had a newly installed underfloor heating network.  

We suggested linking an Aggreko boiler to this  system, to pump hot water around the pipes to raise the ambient temperature of the building and accelerate the dry-out process.  

This was more cost-effective than continuing to use the IDF heaters. A rental hot water boiler was simply connected to the hot water system thus removing the need for a temporary ducting network.

This set-up reduced disruption and the space needed across the site. It was also quieter than using a diesel heater option.

The result

By speeding up the drying out phase of this new build,  Aggreko helped Robertson Construction avoid any delays on their project. 

The innovative Aggreko heating system was also used by the contractor to improve and accelerate the commissioning process of the permanent boiler and ducting system once installed.

Aggreko designed an interim heating system utilising the underfloor heating infrastructure, which saved space, time and money. Their excellent technical knowledge ensured that the work ran smoothly, without any fuss or disruption. We were able to meet the tight project schedule and fully test our permanent heating infrastructure.

Andrew Coleman, Project Manager, Robertson Construction