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Crucial water cooling solution for Salmon hatchery


Cooke Aquaculture Scotland is a leading Scottish salmon farming company with a world-class salmon hatchery located in Furnace, Argyll. The farm uses a water recirculation unit supplied with freshwater to feed its tanks where the fish are grown.

The temperature of this water is critical to the salmon farming process. A few degrees too warm and the fish grow too quickly, too cold and they don't grow fast enough.  Finding the exact equilibrium can be challenging during seasonal temperature changes.

When the ambient temperature rose during the summer months, this consequently increased the temperature of the water within the large tanks.  Cooke Aquaculture Scotland contacted Aggreko to provide an immediate temperature control solution that could quickly cool the water back to the exact temperature for the specific phase of the fish growth cycle.

Aggreko's solution

Within four days of the enquiry, the Aggreko team surveyed the site and installed a bespoke temperature control solution.

The solution was to cool the water from a slipstream of the recirculation water system.

The water in the slipstream was pumped through heat exchangers where coolant, cooled by chillers, absorbed the excess heat and cooled down the water.

The solution reduced the temperature of the slipstream water a number of degrees lower than required.  When this was fed back into the tanks it mixed with the warmer tank water to produce the target temperature.

By simply cooling only the slipstream water and not the full tank capacity this meant the target temperature could be reached more effectively. It also meant that less cooling kW and power kVA was needed overall, ensuring a cost-effective solution.

This bespoke solution included 600 KW of cooling, three heat exchangers, pumps, hoses, buffer tanks and ancillaries, all powered by 520 kVA of power generation.  This was adequate to cool over 100,000 litres of water in four tanks.

As Cooke Aquaculture farms are in remote locations to ensure exceptional water quality, Aggreko faced a number of logistical challenges.  Site access was limited for the delivery vehicles and the unloading area and installation site were restricted in size. 
The Aggreko team worked around this to set up the package quickly and effectively. 

Why was Aggreko chosen?

Cooke Aquaculture Scotland chose Aggreko to undertake this project for the second year running. 

Using experience gained from the previous year the Aggreko team found ways to improve the solution and make it more efficient for the customer.  This included providing advice on installing permanent overhead pipework to improve the tidiness and safety of the installation.

Aggreko has over 30 years experience providing turn-key solutions to fish farms and hatcheries across the UK and Scandinavia.

Their expert team assists fish farmers overcome a number of challenges - from providing supplementary or emergency power to remote locations, to ensuring stable critical water temperatures during seasonal changes.

Ensuring a stable and accurate water temperature is a critical factor to our productivity and consequently our bottom line. When temperatures began to fluctuate, we approached Aggreko as we knew they were temperature control experts that we could rely on. We were pleased that Aggreko responded so efficiently to our needs to return the water to the correct temperature as quickly as possible.

Any Young, Furnace Manager, Cooke Aquaculture Scotland