Grace Foods Case Study | Aggreko UK

Supplementary cooling assists major cold storage expansion


Grace Foods, one of Europe's leading suppliers of world foods, planned to expand its freezing facility by relocating it to another area of its 120,000 sq ft site. 

The project required all existing chillers, compressors and pipework to be relocated to the new unit.

During the relocation and installation it was critical to ensure that the ambient temperature of minus 25°C was maintained in the existing cold storage facility. This was to prevent food stocks from thawing, thus ensuring the quality of the food was not compromised.

Aggreko's solution

The most cost effective solution was to rent temporary low temperature chillers and supplementary power generation equipment.

Aggreko's specialist temperature control engineering team conducted a site survey to design a temporary scheme and specify equipment. This included two 50 kW low temperature chillers and one 500 kVA generator, plus a second 500 kVA generator for back-up power.

The equipment was installed outside and cooling was fed via pipework into Aggreko low temperature air handler units - located in the cold room.

During the course of the four-week build and relocation programme, Aggreko kept tens of thousands of pounds of frozen food stock at the desired stable temperature, ensuring business continuity for Grace Foods.

Why was Aggreko chosen?

It is extremely difficult to maintain low ambient temperatures.  Aggreko was chosen due to the reliability of their equipment and service standards. Aggreko had specialist engineers on call 24/7, ensuring they were able to respond rapidly to any issues, whatever time of day or night.


Aggreko's expertise and service was essential to the smooth completion of our project. Their turn-key approach meant that I could focus on the new facility, safe in the knowledge that they were taking care of everything required to ensure existing food stock remained in peak condition.

David Rusher, Facilities Manager, Grace Foods