Emergency Construction Site Power | Aggreko UK

Emergency power within four hours keeps construction site running 24/7


During the fit-out phase of a newbuild construction site, a major incoming earth fault meant that the mains power had to be immediately switched off across the entire site.

Faced with closing down the 24/7 site and sending home 200 workers, the site manager called Aggreko for an emergency power solution.

Aggreko's solution

Aggreko was instantly able to specify a suitable power solution for the site, based on previous project requirements.

A 125 kVA generator was rapidly mobilised from the Sutton service centre, along with a fuel tank, cable and fuel.

The solution was delivered that evening, within four hours of the initial call. It was quickly commissioned out of hours by one of Aggreko's local service engineers. 

This rapid response ensured site power was back up and running with minimal disruption to the project's schedule.  This allowed the 24/7 operation to continue through the night and prevented the need to send site personnel home.

Why was Aggreko chosen?

Having worked with Aggreko previously, the construction company was confident that the team could deliver under pressure and alleviate the mains power issue on site with a fast turn-around.

Equipment Used

A 125 kVA generator, along with a fuel tank and cable was provided. Aggreko also delivered a fuel management service.