Emergency Cold Store Hire for Food Manufacturer | Aggreko UK

Emergency cold store solution saves more than £2.5m frozen food


When a food service wholesaler had a fire in their switch room it destroyed the switchgear and controls for their chiller plant.  

The facilities management team faced a dilemma - either find a temporary chiller plant solution fast, or face the prospect of thousands of pounds of spoilt food and many unhappy customers.

The team approached Aggreko to provide emergency temperature control rental equipment that could reach temperatures as low as -30°C to keep their cold store up and running.


Aggreko's solution

Aggreko received the initial call from our customer at 10.30pm on a Wednesday evening, and had a  team on site the following morning to assess the situation and calculate the required capacity.  

We quickly sourced specialist low temperature chillers and specially-trained technicians to install them.  They worked round-the-clock so the package could go live on the Sunday afternoon.

The cold store had an unusually high ceiling, so we had to provide 200 kW of cooling duty at -25°C to ensure adequate cooling for a space capacity of approximately 25,000 cubic metres.  

We used two cooling packages to meet this requirement, each consisting of a 350 kW specialist very low temperature water-cooled chiller with a fluid off temperature of -30°C.  

This was linked to seven 50 kW low temperature air handling units. We installed them high up on the racking in the cold store to achieve maximum efficiency. We also used a 400 kW air-cooled chiller to reject the heat from the water-cooled chiller through its fans. 

Aggreko’s specialist very low temperature chiller can achieve much lower temperature set-points at a higher capacity than standard chillers, which means the project required fewer chillers and air handling units to reach the desired temperature of -25°C.  

We installed two 1250 kVA synchronised generators to power the equipment, providing 2 MW power with redundancy for fail-safe power. Both generators were linked to Aggreko’s Remote Monitoring technology to proactively diagnose and correct any potential issues with the equipment, while fuel management also ensured continuity of supply.  


The site's facilities management team had already identified Aggreko as their 'go to' supplier for emergency or crisis situations, and Aggreko lived up to this challenge.

Despite it being the height of summer when rental companies experience temperature control equipment and technician shortages, Aggreko found a way to deliver this project. 

The Aggreko team shipped in equipment from across the UK and flew in specialist engineers to ensure installation within the demanding timescales.