Emergency chiller for rail signalling centre

Emergency chiller as part of Network Rail five-year rental supplier agreement


A Network Rail Signalling Centre in the West Midlands required emergency cooling when the chiller that supplied the building’s air conditioning failed.   Network Rail asked Aggreko to provide a quick and efficient temporary chiller installation as part of our national five-year rental supplier agreement.  

Cooling for the state-of-the-art signalling centre was critical, as it houses signalling tools and technology that helps control large parts of the railway operations across the West Midlands.  The offices also accommodate hundreds of staff and as it was summer, temperatures in the building were unbearable without air conditioning.

Aggreko's solution

Aggreko provided a 200 kW chiller, which was powered by a 200 kVA canopy generator. The chiller was connected into the site’s HVAC plant to re-instate the air conditioning as quickly as possible.

Engineers installed the equipment at the back of the building, as there was limited space available for the cooling and power package. We delivered and commissioned during the site’s working hours, following tight QHSE guidelines to save time and to ensure as little disruption as possible.

The chiller package remained connected until the centre’s incumbent chiller was repaired and back online.  


The emergency chiller package ensured the signalling centre’s air conditioning plant could remain online while urgent repairs to its chiller took place.  Aggreko’s solution allowed business as usual at this critical site, with comfortable working conditions for employees and adequate cooling for state-of-the-art technology.