Cooling tower hire for dairy | Aggreko UK

Cooling tower hire keeps dairy operational during refurbishment project


When a large dairy needed to replace its cooling tower, the refrigeration contractor contacted Aggreko to provide a cooling package to keep the site operational.

The cooling tower was used to cool process water from 40°C to approx. 30°C, which fed and cooled their water-cooled ammonia chillers.

Without the cooling tower to provide the cooling water for these chillers, the dairy’s contractor believed the only option was to install temporary chillers that would provide their own cooling. 

The contractor therefore contacted Aggreko for a quote to install a chiller package.

Aggreko's solution

On undertaking a site survey, Aggreko engineers found a more cost effective and efficient solution to the problem.

Instead of replacing the ammonia chillers with a large rental chiller package, we could simply replace the cooling tower with one of our own rental cooling tower units.  This would then provide the cooled water to keep the site’s chillers online.

The cooling tower option required much less equipment, keeping the cost of the hire to a minimum: less temperature control equipment meant fewer generators to power it and less fuel.

Aggreko installed a cooling tower that linked-up to a 750 kW heat exchanger and was powered by a 200 kVA generator.  We supplied all ancillary equipment, including pumps, buffer tank and hoses, to deliver a complete package for the customer.


With the site’s cooling tower out of action, Aggreko designed a cooling package that was not only reliable, but also saved the dairy money compared to the original option suggested.

The footprint of the cooling tower package proved to be over half the size of the chiller solution which consequently reduced the overall cost of the project.