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Runwild Events delivers engaging, real-life brand experiences for its clients. They approached Aggreko to provide a turn-key power and temperature control solution for their Canary Wharf ice rink, right in the heart of the Docklands, London.

Having supported the Canary Wharf ice rink installation for a number of years, the Aggreko team were keen to ensure a fantastic ice rink experience that would reflect well on Runwild Event's excellent reputation.

It was critical that the rink operated efficiently with good quality ice between October and February, regardless of the mild ambient temperature during this period.

Despite the significant size of the ice rink, space for the temperature control and power equipment was at a premium. In addition, there were restrictions around the weight of the installation. It was critical, therefore, that a compact technical solution could be found for this prestigious site

Aggreko's solution

The Aggreko events team worked closely with Runwild Events to understand the logistical issues of the Canary Wharf site. 

Aggreko supplied five 250 kW heat pump chillers as they could be used to provide both cooling and heating, thus saving on space.

Four of the heat pump chillers were utilised for the ice rink itself and the remaining unit for the internal heating solution.  Fan coil units, linked to the heat pump chillers, were placed in the bar, lounge and the skate exchange areas to keep the skaters warm.

The heating mode of the chillers was also used to melt the rink during take down, again saving on equipment requirements.

Aggreko also provided a full turn-key power and lighting solution for the project, installing perimeter rink lighting, internal structure lighting, a PA system and all other cabling and power outlets as required across the event footprint. 

Why was Aggreko chosen?

Aggreko has an enviable record in supporting ‘real ice’ temporary ice rinks right across the country. The Aggreko team’s previous experience of the Canary Wharf site meant they could provide the right equipment and the right technical solution, with full consideration of the ice rink design and site limitations.

With a project of this nature there are both technical and logistical challenges that need to be considered well in advance. With Aggreko’s highly experienced events team at the helm, coupled with an in-house CAD capability, Aggreko was the obvious supplier of choice for the client.

We pride ourselves on the quality of the experiences we offer our clients and so choosing the right supplier to achieve our goal was our priority. Aggreko’s proven experience with ice rinks, technical knowledge and equipment made them the perfect partner for this project.The project delivery and service standards demonstrated by Aggreko have been outstanding

Mark Griffiths, Venue Operations Manager, Runwild Events

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