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Hot water at food manufacturer keeps production lines moving


A leading food manufacturer was experiencing issues with its boiler's heat exchanger and therefore needed a system upgrade. The cleaning team could not effectively wash down the equipment between production batches as the boiler was failing to heat the site's hot water to its target temperature of 50°C.

They contacted Aggreko to deliver a temporary hot water solution while the refurbishment took place.

The brief was to provide hot water at 50°C on demand, from a cold water mains supply at around 4-5°C.  

Aggreko's solution

Following a site survey, our engineers designed a system that consisted of a 500 kW boiler, pumps and a buffer tank. The buffer tank acted as a water tank cistern, with water continually pumping around a circuit and through the boiler to heat it to 65°C, and back to the tank.  

When the customer required water, the wash bays triggered a signal to the pumps to pump the hot water from the buffer tank.  

When the water level of the tank started to drop, the ball cock system on the mains water feed then opened up to top-up the buffer tank until full.  

The boiler heated the water circuit to 65°C, to keep the tank water at 50°C at all times, even during periods of high demand and prolonged usage.  


With a guaranteed hot water supply for the clean down process, production at the food processing site could continue.  Aggreko’s hot water system remained in action until the site’s boiler refurbishment project was completed.