TV centre emergency cooling solution | Aggreko UK

Aggreko provides back-up cooling for television broadcasting facility


A facilities management company commissioned Aggreko to provide back-up cooling for a television broadcasting company while their existing stand-by chillers were undergoing maintenance.

This television broadcasting site houses live broadcasts, a data centre and several hundred office-based staff. It was therefore critical that Aggreko could deliver 100% self-sufficient, on-demand cooling, in case of  power cut or regular chiller plant failure.

Aggreko's solution

With two of the site's chillers undergoing maintenance, this meant the usual stand-by units had to be used as the main cooling plant. Aggreko's cooling package therefore acted as a stand-by, should it be needed.

Aggreko provided 2 x 750 kW chillers, a 1.5 MW heat exchanger, an automated control system (ACS) remote panel, 4 x 2,000 Lpm pumps and 2 x 500 kVA generators to power it all.

Aggreko's temperature control specialists wrote a bespoke programme for the ACS control panel to auto-start the chillers in the event of a plant or power failure.

This allowed the ACS to be connected to the broadcaster's building management system, which would send a signal to auto-start and stop the rental package as required. On auto-start the ACS would bring the system on board gradually until stabilised.

A heat exchanger was used to keep the site's and Aggreko's cooling systems totally separate to prevent possible cross-contamination.

A tight set-up window of two weeks meant Aggreko had to deliver the solution quickly.

In addition, as space was limited, a compact package was required so as not to impede access into the site. 

Why was Aggreko chosen?

Aggreko was able to deliver a back-up emergency cooling package that kicked in automatically in case of power failure by developing a bespoke software application for the ACS panel.

This system ensured the broadcaster's building could have continuous cooling while part of their incumbent system was refurbished.