Chemoxy chiller package | Aggreko UK

Chemoxy package supports business growth at Chemoxy custom processing site 


When Chemoxy, a leading custom manufacturer in the European chemical industry, needed additional process cooling to support the development of a new product, they called Aggreko to support.

The site's cooling tower was not providing the cooling required to successfully complete the new batch process. This meant production could not be scaled-up, as the final product was unacceptable to the market. 

Chemoxy asked Aggreko to provide a temporary, supplementary cooling package while the new process was trialed and developed, and a permanent cooling solution could be found.

Aggreko's solution

When we carried out a site survey we found the cooling demands of the process were not enough to warrant a rental cooling tower. Instead we recommended a chiller and supporting power package to provide the cooling capacity needed.  

We installed a 600 kW chiller and used hoses to tie directly into Chemoxy’s process cooling system. Once installed, the new manufacturing process was trialed, and prevented any disruption to the project timetable. 

A generator powered the chiller and Aggreko provided a fuel management service. This complete package meant all servicing and refueling was done with minimal input from the customer.

Over the three month duration of the project, our service engineers visited the site on a regular basis, to ensure continuous, uninterrupted reliable cooling for manufacturing to continue.

Once the site’s new chiller plant was installed, we removed our equipment, apart from the generator, which was then used to provide supplemental power for the new plant, until a larger power supply from the grid could be provided by the DNO. 


Without the additional cooling from Aggreko’s chiller package, Chemoxy would not have been able to achieve the quality requirements for their new product. Our rapid deployment allowed Chemoxy to meet their challenging project timescales.

Aggreko found a quick and relatively simple solution to our process cooling challenge. They provided additional reliable cooling for our site so manufacture of a new product could begin, while we focused on adding more permanent cooling capacity.

Stephen Larke, Senior Development Manager, Chemoxy