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Heating and drying package helps maintain construction schedule


The Ashcourt Group is a family-run construction and property management business, experienced in delivering projects from timber-framed houses to modular and large-scale accommodation schemes.

A student accommodation construction project, comprising four buildings, was in danger of falling behind schedule due to severe bad weather during the winter months and progress was not helped by the lack of mains power to the site.

Interior structures were exposed to cold, damp conditions and a number of trade service teams were unable to undertake their work effectively to progress the project.

Aggreko was approached to provide cost effective and flexible heating and drying,  which could be supported with mobile and modular power.

Aggreko's solution

Aggreko provided a heating and drying package at short notice to raise the ambient temperature in the building speed up the drying out process.

As the four buildings were in close proximity to each other, space was at a premium and much of this was taken up by scaffolding.

To overcome this, a 125 kW heater and ducting was connected to a 30 kVA generator linked to a 1000 litre fuel tank to minimise the  footprint.

This enabled the equipment to be placed in the heart of each building, ensuring maximum drying capability.

Aggreko’s cost-effective plan meant that the ducting could simultaneously provide heating to the upper and lower levels of the buildings.

As the equipment was easy to move around the site and re-connect up, this meant only one heater was needed to dry out all four buildings. 

Why was Aggreko chosen?

As Aggreko provides both power and temperature control, Ashcourt Group only needed to manage one supplier, one point of contact and one invoice, reducing both time and administration.

Aggreko was able to provide a heating package that was compact, flexible and cost efficient, ensuring Ashcourt Group could keep their project on track despite the bad weather.

We were delighted with Aggreko’s temporary heating and power solution. Their technical knowledge meant the package was scoped and installed with minimum disruption. Ultimately the solution enabled us to meet project deadlines ahead of schedule, despite the bad weather.

Matt Tinker, Project Manager, Ashcourt Group