Glastonbury rocks to success


Glastonbury Festival needs temporary power on a huge scale to cope with more than 177,000 visitors and provide the massive infrastructure needed to support the stages, traders and broadcasters. Support services at the event needed to be prepared for any weather conditions in order to maintain and refuel equipment.

Aggreko's solution

In 2009, Aggreko provided more than 27 megawatts of power from over 230 generators, directly supplying around 750 customers on-site for the duration of the event.

The company brought together four project managers with experience in event management at some of the world's largest and most prestigious events including the Ryder Cup, the Open Golf Championship and the Olympic Games Provision on this scale required precise organisation. The Aggreko team began setting up the power supply infrastructure more than a month before the opening of the Festival on June 24th. Sixty Aggreko technicians were involved in the run-up to the event, creating their own ‘village’ within the site, with the team growing to more than 90 people at its peak.

To meet the Festival's request for the use of renewable energy, Aggreko provided bio-diesel generators, which required more than 60,000 litres of waste vegetable oil (WVO) fuel. Aggreko also laid 24km of festoon lighting with time clocks to reduce the power requirement during the day. Areas powered by Aggreko included the broadcast compound for the BBC, the market areas, the medical centre, the police compound, the security compound and the corporate hospitality centres.

Why was Aggreko chosen? 

After the experience of previous years, the Aggreko team was well prepared for any weather conditions and had 4 x 4 tankers on standby to ensure a secure fuel supply.

The pressure for 100 per cent performance at an event such as Glastonbury, with the eyes of the world watching, is immense. The unpredictable weather puts even more pressure on us, which thankfully never really became an issue on the actual weekend," said David Taylor, Aggreko’s event and electrical services manager. "The planning, and infrastructure we built in the month prior to the event, were crucial. Glastonbury is a complex project and the requirements of our hundreds of customers vary widely, from small traders to large broadcast providers. The Festival just gets bigger and better every year and the Aggreko team is proud to be a part of its success"

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