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Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM)

Peace of mind - we’ve got it covered

Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM) is the next step in the evolution of Aggreko’s equipment diagnostic services. ARM provides a comprehensive remote monitoring service – manned by Aggreko engineers -24/7 365.

Currently available on our generator fleet, ARM is specifically designed to give you peace of mind that our equipment is running at its optimum efficiency whilst on your site.

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24/7 remote monitoring by experienced engineers

From our Remote Operations Centre Aggreko engineers continuously monitor each generator. They keep watch on operations and loads, maintenance requirements, run hours, warning and failure alarms, fuel levels and GPS location.

When ARM indicates that equipment is functioning outside specific parameters, Aggreko engineers will quickly respond before the problem develops, or rapidly deploy resources to resolve the issue on-site.

ARM Benefits

Accelerate trouble-shooting

ARM identifies potential or actual equipment faults, alerting our engineers and providing real-time data to allow them to resolve these as quickly as possible. Either remotely or, if necessary, on-site.

Avoid preventable downtime

ARM helps proactively detect and prevent potential issues before they occur. This lets you benefit from continuous run-time with minimal operational disruption,so you can focus on your critical operations.

Optimise generator efficiency

Real-time ARM data helps our engineers enhance the performance of our equipment at your site, from optimising energy usage to reducing running costs.

Right-size equipment

ARM provides valuable statistical data to help the Aggreko team determine the optimal equipment needed for each job we specify.  Undersized equipment is likely to have performance issues; oversized equipment would mean unnecessary costs.

Remote Operations Centre 

Key Features

  • 24/7 365 equipment monitoring team
  • Real-time data helps engineers to anticipate, diagnose and resolve faults before they occur  
  • Rapid service response from experienced Aggreko engineers
  • Proactive service and maintenance
  • Correctly-sized equipment, based on load profiling
  • Equipment performance reports