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Aggreko Process Services (APS): Temporary engineered solutions

Aggreko Process Services (APS) provides cooling, heating and power solutions that maximise production and minimise downtime.  Our innovative turn-key services help alleviate bottlenecks caused by equipment failures, temperature or pressure-related issues.

Work with Aggreko and benefit from:

Expertise and experience

Work with experienced and knowledgeable engineers who have worked across a range of process industries.

A consultative approach

Utilising our vast global applications knowledge and industry-leading simulation software, we find creative solutions to your specific challenges.

Rapid and flexible response

We can design and install a project in a matter of weeks. Our versatile equipment can work alongside or integrate with existing processes, often without the need to halt production.

Production continuity

We can respond to any planned project or unplanned emergency, ensuring minimal downtime.

Minimum capital outlay

As our projects are temporary in nature, most need minimal approval for capital expenditure.

An extensive fleet

We have a vast range of chillers, very low temperature chillers, cooling towers, heat exchangers and air handlers. This allows us to work with processes that handle:

  • Volatile gases and liquids
  • High pressures up to 40 barg
  • Temperatures ranging from -50 °C 
  • up to + 300 °C 
  • Hydrocarbons 
  • Seawater, effluent and brine.

Read the Aggreko Process Services Brochure or Contact us today for more information.

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