Come in R22, your time is up

Come on R22, your time is up

The clock is ticking and while most people in the industry are aware of the changes banning the use of the refrigerant R22 as top-up fluid for maintenance from 2010, many are still unaware of the range of options open to them or are making their decisions without knowing other beneficial routes they could pursue.

Neil Smith, a technical manager from Aggreko says: “There has been much debate within the industry about the phasing out of R22 and how the new legislation is enforcing the removal and replacement of the low-temperature refrigerant.

“Although the extent to which R22 refrigerants contribute to global warming is still the subject of intense debate, companies need to take the opportunity to comply with the new regulations earlier than planned. Some businesses may be putting off the maintenance or new installations of refrigeration systems and are choosing to improve containment to make existing equipment last as long as possible. However, containment is not a long-term solution and it certainly won’t help improve a company’s energy efficiency.

“For engineers and consultants that are having to deal with the consequences of the R22 ban, there is a solution available, which can help minimise disruption to ongoing operations and ensure a smooth transition. Temporary temperature control equipment, such as water chillers and air handling units, can be used to take over from permanent machinery while engineers are working on modification or replacement programmes. They can be used for both process cooling and refrigerating stored produce and can be sized to meet requirements. The benefit of utilising temporary solutions means that the business can avoid loss of production, sales and revenue throughout the conversion period.”

Aggreko has a team of experienced sales engineers that work with companies to provide and install the most appropriate temporary equipment in the most effective manner. The extensive range of temporary power and temperature control equipment Aggreko offers means a solution can be found to any emergency, however big or small, while working around issues such as noise, safety and aesthetics.

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