Aggreko supply World Cup broadcast power
13 June 2014

Aggreko to supply broadcast power to 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil – As announced in December by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), Aggreko has been selected as the  official temporary power provider of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™. The rental company, which is the global leader in its sector, will be providing power and temperature control (TC) solutions to the tournament’s broadcast network, ensuring people around the world can tune in and watch the games without any interruption.

World Cup fans across the globe will be able to watch their favorite teams play thanks to the continuous transmission of the live action from world media at the International Broadcast Centre (IBC).  Set up in Rio de Janeiro’s Riocentro, Latin America’s largest exhibition centre, the IBC will be supported by direct feeds from media set up at any one of the interim broadcast compounds built in each of the tournament’s 12 stadiums.

Aggreko, who in the past 50 years have provided solutions across a number of iconic sport events, will be installing both power and TC solutions to the IBC as well as each of the 12 interim broadcast compounds including the stadium’s LED screens, assuring event organisers, sponsors, media and their expectant audiences that airtime will not be affected.

The power and TC rental experts will provide a total of 50 MW, of which 12 MW will be used as guaranteed power to the IBC, and the remainder distributed across the 12 stadiums. They will also be providing TC solutions, ensuring heat sensitive broadcast equipment is maintained at the right temperature as well as climate control for busy news desks.

As the temporary hub for broadcasters during major sport events, all 64 matches will be transmitted by the IBC, reaching a cumulative global audience of billions.  The rental experts will also be providing primary power to the stadiums’ LED screens where pitch action will be transmitted live to excited fans. With the eyes of the world watching, failure in not an option.

According to Pablo Varela, General Director of Brazil Aggreko, FIFA 2014 World Cup Brazil™ will serve as yet another opportunity for Aggreko to showcase the depth of experience they have in providing solutions to the world of events.  “We are honoured to have been selected as the tournament’s official temporary power suppliers.  Over the years we have had the opportunity to demonstrate time and time again the value we bring in terms of consistency and reliability.  Having successfully delivered solutions to some the world’s most iconic sport events – nine Summer and Winter Olympics, five World Cup tournaments and several Formula One races – our customers trust in our ability to deliver flawlessly every time".

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