Bayer cropscience turns to Aggreko for temporary cooling tower

Bayer CropScience turns to Aggreko for temporary cooling tower solution

Aggreko, the world leader in the supply of temporary power and temperature control solutions, has played a crucial role supporting Bayer CropScience during the installation of a new cooling tower at its UK plant in Norwich, Norfolk.

While most cooling tower projects involve a plant shutdown of several weeks while upgrade work is done, the Bayer maintenance engineering team opted for a more innovative solution, utilising a temporary cooling tower and power package from Aggreko. This option is far more energy efficient than using temporary chillers and allows the plant to operate as normal during the installation of the new cooling tower.

The Aggreko cooling package consists of a high volume pressure pump, hoses, a water treatment system and Aggreko’s in-house Argus Control System to deliver 400 cubic metres of cooled water per hour at a pressure of 5 bar. This is supported by an independent power supply (a 350 kVA generator) plus a standby generator. The power is routed through an automatic mains failure (AMF) panel that ensures continuity of power in the event of outage.

The cooling tower solution was developed by a team from Aggreko Process Services (APS) using specialist equipment sourced from Antwerp. The APS team and UK project engineers developed a workable solution within just four days, to establish a robust cooling solution for the plant in time for the old tower to be demolished. Despite unprecedented poor weather conditions the Bayer engineering team was still able to commission the new cooling tower, with no adverse impact on manufacturing at the Bayer plant.

An important aspect of the Aggreko solution is the use of water treatment specialist Nalco’s 3D Trasar technology to monitor microbiological activity in real time. This system also monitors water throughput and administers the appropriate level of chemical additives to prevent contamination and corrosion. This key element of the total package is being managed by Nalco as Aggreko’s supplier partner.

Eamonn Oldfield, maintenance and engineering manager at Bayer CropScience, said: “While a major plant investment like this usually involves some sort of temporary shutdown or loss of production capacity, the Aggreko solution has enabled our Norwich facility to operate normally while the new cooling tower has been installed. We have been impressed by the solution-based approach taken by Aggreko, which has opened our eyes to what can be achieved using temporary power and temperature control systems.”

The Bayer CropScience plant in Norwich is regarded as a world leader in the manufacture of pesticides for farmers and other agricultural businesses. In the UK the company employs 550 people, 285 of whom are based at the Norwich site.

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