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Decommissioning solutions

Power and temperature control solutions for decommissioning projects

Aggreko works with operators across the globe to provide cost-efficient, reliable rental power and temperature control solutions to support the removal, re-use or disposal of redundant oil and gas installations. 

Key applications:

  • Supplementary or prime HV power: Our high and low voltage rental packages can be used as prime power across an entire platform or to supplement existing on-board generators. 
  • Preservation of plant and equipment: Aggreko’s heating and drying solutions help preserve valuable assets and keep equipment in optimum condition to enhance their re-use or re-sale potential. 
  • Load-testing:  Aggreko’s loadbanks can be used to test all engines, generators and combustion plant to ensure they are working efficiently to minimise energy use and gaseous emissions.


Our decommissioning solutions:


As each platform has different complexities and decommissioning methodologies, we will work with you to develop and deliver bespoke solutions, specific to each rig’s requirements.

Flexible and scalable

With a rental solution you have the flexibility to scale your power or temperature control needs up or down, depending on the power demand at a specific point in your project, or the seasonal climate changes that affect the level of heating or drying required.

Budget certainty

Aggreko provides fully inclusive power or temperature control packages, including all ancillary equipment, spares, servicing and maintenance.

Minimum hassle

Our servicing and maintenance schedules ensure your equipment runs continuously at optimum efficiency.