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We understand the ever-changing needs of the defence industry sector and we work alongside you to ensure that together we exceed the increasingly complex demands of your clients.

We meet these challenges by providing only the very latest in equipment and expertise to military facilities, government agencies and their contractors around the world, confirming our position as the number one choice for a host of specialist industry applications.

Aggreko’s unrivalled rental fleet consists of silenced environmentally friendly generators, air conditioners, water chillers, diesel and electric heaters, air handlers, dehumidifiers, cooling towers and supporting HVAC equipment immediately available for all your needs.

  • In-Theatre Support to ensure improved efficiency in operations :
  • Supply of temporary power and temperature control for personnel accommodation, dining facilities or field hospitals.
  • Controlling relative humidity levels in storage facilities to reduce corrosion and enhance equipment preservation.
  • Supplementing shore power and chilled water for vessel operating systems whilst in port.
  • Simulation of adverse conditions for equipment performance testing from sub zero to hot desert.

Maintenance support

  • Reducing maintenance periods by installing temperature control for confined spaces, pressure vessels and storage areas.
  • Providing power for vital motor starting and loadbanks for power supply testing
  • Humidity control of weapons and navigation equipment during refit and commissioning.

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