Generator and chiller hire | Fish farms

Meet productivity targets and reduce the risk of disease

Power and temperature control solutions for fish farms

Aggreko provides turn-key rental power and temperature control solutions to fish farms and hatcheries across the UK and Scandinavia - both on and offshore.

We have an experienced team of engineers who assist fish farmers overcome a number of challenges - from providing supplementary or emergency power to remote locations, to ensuring stable critical water temperatures during seasonal changes.

Through our reliable, bespoke solutions, we help reduce the risk of disease and ensure our customers meet their productivity targets.

Key applications:

Water temperature control:

  • Using chillers, boilers, heat exchangers and pumps, Aggreko can either quickly cool down or warm up tank water temperatures.  This allows egg hatching and fish growth to be either encouraged or slowed down to facilitate the correct supply of fish to meet demand.
    The temperature of Aggreko’s boilers and chillers can be automatically regulated from our specialised control panel. This ensures that the temperature in the tanks is stable to within 1°C.

Temporary power: 

  • Aggreko works with many fish farms and hatcheries providing prime power to remote locations or supplementing existing power where the supply is unreliable or not sufficient.

Virus control:  

  • Utilising our range of hot water boilers and buffer tanks we can provide a solution to maintain a stable water temperature to ensure that Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis virus is eradicated without killing the fish.

Bio media sterilization: 

  • Often chemicals are used to sterilize Bio towers to remove bacteria and harmful substances. By utilising hot water boilers from Aggreko, the temperature of the water in the Bio media tower can be raised and maintained for a prescribed period of time, thus killing all harmful bacteria, making the sterilisation process more environmentally friendly.