Glasgow, Scotland: Grid connection simulation technology can help wind power developers maximise revenue by meeting the critical 31 March 2017 Renewables Obligation Certificate (ROC) deadline, according to temporary power and temperature control specialist Aggreko.

Temperature control

To qualify for ROCs, developers must gain a G59 connection sign-off agreement from their District Network Operator (DNO), which is issued after successful commissioning. But delays in grid connection can put projects at risk from missing the ROC deadline by failing to complete commissioning on time.

An alternative is to complete the commissioning and testing phase using simulated grid connection technology, which has been used by Aggreko to accelerate G59 sign-off in the solar PV industry. This enabled projects to meet the 2015 ROC cut-off deadline for solar and, therefore, more than double the rate of return that might have been achieved by using the Contract for Difference (CfD) mechanism.

"Those wind farms missing the 2017 ROC deadline will lose millions of pounds of revenue so it's critical to avoid grid connection delays by taking control of every element of the construction and commissioning process", said Alf Scambler, Renewables Sector Manager for Aggreko.


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