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Construction heaters and dryers

Aggreko's dehumidifier and heater solutions can help you overcome the effects of damp, wet weather and low temperatures to ensure your projects stay on track.

We can help accelerate the drying process enabling contractors to complete work on-time, reducing dead time and mitigating the risk of penalties.

Reduce dead time and project delays with construction heating and drying solutions

Typical applications include:

Plaster drying

Aggreko's range of heaters and dehumidifiers can be used to optimise drying times to ensure the best quality finish in the least amount of time.

Concrete drying

Damp weather can increase concrete curing time, heating and drying solutions from Aggreko can eliminate the issues associated with damp weather and provide the optimum drying conditions to ensure a flawless finish.

Building preservation

During building preservation and renovation, damp and cold weather can adversely affect the building structure.  Aggreko uses a combination of heaters and dehumidifiers to provide stable conditions inside buildings, reducing the risk of damp and mould delaying the project.

Wood and veneer stabalisation and vinyl floor laying

By maintaining the correct levels of humidity in buildings, Aggreko can help ensure flooring contractors get a perfect finish every time. Localised heating can be provided to ease the process of laying vinyl floors along with associated dehumidification equipment to keep the correct moisture levels during the floor fitting process.

Frost protection

Localised heating can be provided via Aggreko's portable electric heaters. Alternatively, a complete temporary heating system can be installed using a range of fume-free indirect fired heaters and air handlers.

Aggreko's extensive fleet of generators, fuel tanks and distribution equipment, ensures that whatever the size of your project, Aggreko can help you to stay on target and on budget.

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