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Construction site power, heating and drying

Aggreko's range of power generation, and heating and drying solutions cost-effectively address the needs of the construction industry.

Our dedicated construction team will support you with project-critical requirements - from emergency heating and drying applications, to unplanned, back-up power demands. We provide industry-leading equipment and an efficient, no fuss service, helping you deliver projects on time and within budget.

Aggreko delivers a complete solution - from site survey, through to installation, servicing, refuelling and extraction, we take care of the entire project. 

We can provide:

Super silent generators

Our super-silenced range - 20 kVA to 2100 kVA - is ideal for sites with noise restrictions.  Multiple, synchronised generator installations can be created of almost unlimited capacity.  Site-wide power distribution can also be delivered.

Secure containerised generators

Our secure-containerised generators alleviate security issues, with the generator,
fuel tank and cabling enclosed within an unbranded container.

Gas generators

Gas generators are an alternative, low emission alternative to diesel generators - ideal if there is a local gas supply.

High voltage options

Aggreko’s construction site power distribution services and transformers facilitate power solutions for the most complex sites, or where space is a limitation.

Hybrid solutions

Our hybrid power units work in conjunction with our generators to ultimately reduce operational costs and provide greener, noise-free continuous power for low load applications.

Heating and drying equipment

Electric and indirect fired heaters are available complete with automated controls, ducting and fuel.  They guarantee optimum efficiency and help ensure project deadlines are met, even in the most adverse ambient conditions.  Our solutions are suitable for a range of applications including drying out structures, paint and coatings, plastering, concrete and floorings.

Fuel management

Our cost-effective fuel management service removes the hassle of refuelling and ensures uninterrupted, reliable power. 

Air handlers

Aggreko’s air handlers can help improve ventilation in confined spaces and extract dust and fumes safely – protecting the workforce and environment.